On the Possibility of Dictatorship.

It’s possible. I mean
you can see it in the way we invest,
like motheaten peacocks,
in the bathetic consolations
of pissy displays of power:
it’s in the chat in the office,
between kowtower and kowtowed,
the swagger of a traffic warden
with shit for his tea,
the call centre worker, cheerlessly extant,
adhering to procedure;
it’s in the onanistic stomach lurch
of the library security guard
as his walkie talkie crackles;
even though he knows
it will likely only be
another call about the toilet
that won’t flush on the second floor.

On the Possibility of Dictatorship was published by Prole in 2018. There are short stories here and here, an essay on class here, one on the NHS here and one on green politics here. Lastly, here is a short piece of writing about the countryside.

The Sun Alliance building, Birmingham

The Sun Alliance building, Birmingham. Sculpture by William Bloye, 1927; photo by Kevin Thomas