The Space Between Things

How far would you go to win the love of a woman? Arch, a wannabe poet living in a bohemian Birmingham suburb, likes to party and has no time for love or seriousness. Then he meets the mysterious Vee. They have a one-night stand and she leaves him the next day with a challenge: throw yourself into the world and its possibilities. Discovering that Vee has gone to Croatia to photograph the war, Arch begins to expand his horizons. As the government clamps down on road protesters, new age travellers and the free festival scene, he throws himself into the subsequent campaign of civil disobedience. But will it be enough for the returning Vee?

The Space Between Things is a satirical love story set in the social turmoil of the early 1990 s. It is the first fictionalised account of the road protest movement. Available from Amazon – Click Here