I Don't Want to go to the Taj Mahal (2020)

‘The book presents a cross-hatching of memories and forgettings, observations and elisions, to build a unique, beguiling effect.’ The Quietus; ‘There's intricate work going on here, on the level of lexis and the level of sound, and this work leads us from moment to moment, creating a porousness between memories so that they bleed and blur like real life. And in the midst of the bleed and blur there are the moments that stop you cold, either in their tenderness and beauty or their unblinking witness to misery’ Culture Matters; ‘a sublime rendition of a state that seems to be specifically located in the hearts and souls of those who inhabit Britain’s second city’ Tribune; 'Hill’s economic autobiography is a simplistic list of addresses, dead end jobs, cultural ephemera, and brief assignations, garnished with two or three short paragraphs of barely formed reflection. And yet, in reducing his life to these most basic elements, it manages to be a more profound comment on existence then many more self-consciously analytical efforts. As if to confound Wittgenstein, it appears the unexamined life was worth living after all.' Stewart Lee; 'the chronicler Birmingham needs' Natalie Haynes

I Don't Want to go to the Taj Mahal is an original and engaging memoir about sex, work, identity and dissolution. Available here.

I Don't Want to go to the Taj Mahal (2020)


Walking Backwards (2017)

‘intensely observed fragments of ordinary lives…all give pause for thought.’ Irish Times; ‘Charlie Hill is a real writer, and a very good one too’ Sabotage Reviews; ‘touching, funny, melancholy’ AL Kennedy; ‘a brilliant collection’ Catherine O’ Flynn. Ten stories inspired by various iterations of literary modernism. Available here.

Walking Backwards - Charlie Hill


Stories (2016)

An anthology featuring the work of guests of the PowWow Festival of Writing. Including Booker-shortlisted writers Clare Morrall and Alison Moore; multi award-winner Kit de Waal; David Gaffney, the doyen of micro-fiction; and novelist, editor and publisher Nicholas Royle. Also introducing PW Lewis and Tim Franks. Edited by Charlie Hill. Available here.

Stories - Charlie Hill


Stuff (2016)

‘witty, beautifully detailed and compelling’ Wales Arts Review; ‘Frankie Boyle channelling Frank Bascombe’ This Space; ‘an engrossing piece that…were the author French and his readers all French, might well have been regarded as a worthy late edition to the school of existentialist literature’ from the introduction to Best British Short Stories 2017; ‘a captivating piece of short fiction’ Bookmunch

Dark and sometimes bleak, this novella was written with Gabriel Josipovici’s criticism of ‘run of the mill middle-brow narrative’ in mind, yet also seeks to avoid what the American critic Robert Boyers has called the ‘delinquencies and self-indulgences that compromised modernism from within.’ Available here.

Stuff - Charlie Hill


Books (2013)

‘Smart, funny and shrewd’ Financial Times; ‘a serrated little weapon of war’ Morning Star; ‘several glorious moments’ London Review of Books; ‘convincingly eludes disposability’ Glasgow Herald; ‘a dark, anarchic, naughtily fun novel…as much a warning as Hogarth’s etching of Gin Lane’ Bookbag

A satirical farce about art and literature: what would happen if some books were so poorly written, they could shut down the brain? Available here.

Books - Charlie Hill


The Space Between Things (2010)

‘Rich in wry social commentary but also funny and linguistically dexterous’ the Observer; an ‘accomplished first novel…marvellously observed’ the Times; ‘bursting with generous energy’ Jim Crace; ‘packs a considerable punch’ Jonathan Coe; ‘an accomplished and relevant novel that deserves to be widely read’ Sabotage

The Space Between Things is a love story set against the background of the wars in the Balkans and the social turmoil of the early 1990’s. It is the first fictionalised account of the road protest movement. Available here.

The Space Between Things - Charlie Hill




A Midlands Odyssey (2014) Ten writers take the stories of Homer’s Odyssey and transplant them to the English Midlands. Includes stories by: Yasmin Ali, Lindsey Davis, Elisabeth Charis, Kit De Waal, Paul McDonald, Richard House, Dragan Todorovic, Natalie Haynes, David Calcutt and Charlie Hill. Available here.

Hearing Voices (2015) An anthology from long-running London literary magazine Litro, comprising some of the best writing to have been published during the first ten years of its existence (available here)

Unthology 7 (2015) The seventh anthology from Unthank Books, featuring work by Elizabeth Baines; Gary Budden; Elaine Chiew; Dan Powell and Charlie Hill. Available here.

‘There’s a huge amount of skill on show, too, notably in On The Truth and Lies of the Love Story, by Charlie Hill. Presented as two columns of dialogue (a duo-logue?), we eavesdrop on two very different phone calls about the same relationship – a satisfying mesh of conflicting views.’

Words for the Wild (2017) An anthology of short stories, poems and some things in-between, sold in aid of Action Against Destructive Development. Available here.

Nothing Is As It Was (2018) A collection of short stories and flash fiction on the theme of climate change, sold in aid of Earth Day Network. Available here.

In Yer Ear (2018) Short stories, memoir and poetry from London’s most in yer face spoken word night.